An essential part of the recovery process in EHA is regular attendance at meetings – the more the better! For those of you out of the general area, we invite you to participate in our Teleconference meeting that is held every Sunday.  We can help you get grounded in your own program and ultimately assist you in getting meetings started in your area.

The following is a listing of meetings that are currently available:

Meetings in the Greater Los Angeles Area


TELEMEETING – 5:40 pm PST (details below)


Sierra Madre – 8pm, “Manic Monday” Women’s Stag Meeting, Episcopal Church of the Ascension, 45 E. Laurel, (Church is on the corner of Baldwin and Laurel Ave.  Meeting is in the blue house behind the church).


Covina – 8:15 pm, “At the Gates”,  TBD


Sierra Madre – 8pm, “Black Sheep Group,” Sierra Madre United Methodist, 695 Sierra Madre Blvd. (corner of Michillinda and Sierra Madre Blvd.)


Sierra Madre – 8:15 pm, “Page 102” Meeting, Sierra Madre United Methodist, 695 Sierra Madre Blvd. (corner of Michillinda and Sierra Madre Blvd.)

Teleconference Meeting

If you are anywhere outside of the Los Angeles area, we would encourage you to participate in these long-distance teleconference meetings. They are held each Sunday evening at 5:40 p.m., Pacific Standard Time. If you find that you want what we have, we will make every effort to help you acquire a strong foundation in the program of Emotional Health Anonymous. This is a great way to start. There will be no phone charge for you to participate if you are within the U.S. or Canada. If you are outside the U.S. or Canada, your local phone company may charge you for the call. Check with your local phone company if you are concerned about this. Just let us know if you are interested in participating and we will provide the information you’ll need to patch into the conference.

E-MAIL US at or give us a call at 626-722-5779 PH.

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